Reimbursement and returns policy

    Reimbursement and returns policy

    The reimbursement is that is the request of a client to receive the amount he has paid for an article and that this has not been delivered or returned.


    Refund reasons

    1. The acquired product is outside inventory and it is not possible to deliver another similar characteristics and equal or higher price.
    2. The delivery time exceeds 7 business days from the date of purchase without the customer receives the product.
    3. The product was lost by messaging.
    4. If an incorrect amount of the client has been charged, the refund applies by the difference.
    5. The client wishes to return the purchased article (guarantee of total satisfaction.

    Due to the different scenarios that may be in online purchases, all those cases not contemplated in these policies will be reviewed and processed by individually.


    Policies and requirements.


    To request a refund, you will be asked for the following information, which you can send by email, chat or telephone:

    1. Order number with which you bought your product
    2. Description of the article and / or order.
    3. Reason for which the reimbursement is requested.
    4. Form of payment with which the purchase was acquired since it will be for this same means that the reimbursement will be applied, in case of a bank deposit, the client must provide an interbank clabe and a photocopy of the statement of account, in order to apply the same.
    5. If the client still does not have the product, it should only wait for the reimbursement process.
    6. The request for refund and clarification must be within the first ten (10) days after receiving the order.
    7. When a refund and the client have the products, these must be delivered to 2R autoshop and the correct and proper reception of the products must be confirmed.
    8. Returned products will be evaluated to determine the origin and value of the reimbursement.
    9. The shipping costs for the return of the product will be borne by, as long as it is done through the phonters with which indicates.
    10. The products delivered must be in the same state in which they were delivered, that is, they should not be used or damaged.
    11. No returns will be made of special import orders or special orders. (Products that are not found in the usual catalog of but have been assigned at the customer's request and under understanding and notice).
    12. The product must be delivered in the original packaging in good condition otherwise the refund will not be accepted.



    Once we receive the product or the integrity of the same as well as their components will be notified via email and we will proceed to send the product that replaces your order, being this equal or similar features and cost, being up to A more recent or better model. The estimated times for the processing of a refund once authorized the same are:

    • Payment with cards (debit and credit) 30 business days.
    • In the case of deposit or bank transfer 10 days.
    • Paypal 15 days

    If you have doubts you can write us to the mail:
    or call ourselves to our sales center and telephone service at 01 477 7131916. We are also available by whatsapp or by calling the cell phone 5554537142


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